There are a "million" online pet stores nowadays.  But how many more cheap plastic chew toys does the world need?!!  So when we set out to create "MyPetAppStore" we thought about what AVID Pet Lovers find harder to locate.  We curated a limited supply of pet products focusing on local designers and creators with a unique viewpoint.  Truly, "MyPetAppStore" is the best combination of functionality, sustainability, love and joy in safe and natural designs for our beloved pet family members.  Come on over and visit, you will find something to LOVE!!!!  

Avid Pet Lovers are "social" … and networking within the Pet Lover community is different from human social networks.  We have designed "MonkeyChatter" as a Social PetNetwork like no other.  Chat with owners of your same breed to share ideas, tips and thoughts about your mutual pet family.  Mourn the loss of a family pet with dignity and be able to write the Obituary to save either to your Private Diary or to share in a Public Scrapbook for all to see.  Purchase "Memorial" items to commemorate the wonderful life you enjoyed together.  Search pet breeds for powerful historical information to enrich your conversations with other same breed owners.  Take photos and post them either privately or publicly for the world to enjoy.  Yes, this Social PetNetwork is second-to-none. it is your special way to "chatter" with friends and strangers about your beloved pet.

PET LOVERS NEED INFORMATION .... and would love to have a SINGLE SITE for clear answers.

   … which hotels are  "pet-friendly"

   … what policies do airlines enforce for pet travel

   … how do I find an animal hospital if we are traveling with our pet

   …  if I have a pet health question is there a place online that I can "Ask-A-Vet"

   … where do I find breed information for pets that would make good companions for our family 

   … should I purchase health insurance for my pet

   … how can I find pet events or shows

   … how can I find a trust-worthy breeder

   … where can I connect with Service Animal groups so my pet can learn this skill

   … what organizations teach Search and Rescue scenting skills for my pet

   … when my pet dies how can I share my sorrow with my friends and create a memorial

   … where can I buy unique pet products that thoughtfully solve problems for my pet 

   … and many other questions that need answers.

   MyPetApp brings everything into one app