COCO & DEUCE– Pure white Coco and black & white Deuce … best buddies looking out for each other.  For us the sweet memories are unforgettable. 

Our GOALS . . .

Beyond 2024 our USA + Canada user base will expand to the pet-crazy countries of England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Spain. 

​​Our PASSION  . . . Service + Therapy  /  Search + Rescue

Service animals and Search and Rescue scenting animals fascinate and impress us.  We focus extra efforts providing information and contacts to this pet segment that makes our planet a better place.

Our COMMUNITY. . .  Avid Pet Lovers Everywhere!! 

The global family of Avid Pet Lovers is the community we serve enthusiastically and comprehensively.  ​The Founders of OnTrendAPPS are veteran pet owners, pet product patent holders and hearing service-dog users with "multi-country multi-breed" experience.  We understand the pet world deeply.  Our useful apps offer SINGLE-SOURCES of comprehensive social pet networking, information and services to like-minded pet lovers in our markets.  Enjoy our fact filled functional apps every day as the apps grow and mature right along with our pet families!!!

JOE BOXER – Meet the most loveable Mexico street rescue you could imagine. Super-muscular boxer-pit bull mix went from a life of fighting until we gave him a life of peace and calm.  A total doll, and very protective of his loved ones!!!!

PANCHO – What more could you ask in a friend.  Loyal and true, friendly and fun, a companion to make you smile when the cares of life pile up.  Guatemala produces beautiful pet friends!  

CANTON SPOT – What a sociable buddy this is.  Leaps right into your arms and licks your face … the ultimate expression of a dog's trust and affection.  Our friend in Guangzhou